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October 31 | 2023

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The 50th Anniversary of the CFAA

In 2023, the Canadian Fire Alarm Association (CFAA) marked its 50th anniversary. As part of this remarkable milestone, CFAA embarked on an exciting project that proved to be both informative and inspiring. They created a short documentary-style promo video that celebrated their organization while shedding light on the evolution of the fire alarm industry over the past half-century. Moreover, this project aimed to showcase the diverse and rewarding career opportunities available within the industry.

The video, which was approximately 5 minutes in length, took a documentary-style approach, featuring interviews, b-roll footage, and historical content. It delved into the history of CFAA and the industry it represented, capturing the significant milestones, challenges, and achievements along the way.

The heart of the production took place over a meticulously planned day in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). The team conducted 3-4 interviews with key figures in the industry and captured related b-roll footage. To add depth to the narrative, historic photos and CFAA’s branding were integrated during post-production.

One of the primary objectives of the video was to shine a positive light on the industry and the plethora of career opportunities it offered. While the documentary format provided an educational perspective, there was also a promotional touch to draw attention to the industry’s appeal, more so than a traditional documentary.

The project consisted of several phases:

Research: The team collaborated closely with CFAA, gathering the necessary insights to accurately depict the history of the industry and the association.

Pre-Production: A thorough planning phase, including a pre-shoot Zoom meeting with the project manager, ensured alignment on creative direction and messaging.

Production: Filming took place in the GTA and potentially in other major Canadian cities. Location scouting and planning were carried out as needed.

Post-Production: This phase focused on editing the footage in a documentary style while weaving in promotional messaging about CFAA, the industry, and its career opportunities.

Final Revisions: Feedback from the client was incorporated into the final edits to ensure satisfaction.

The video was designed to resonate with existing CFAA members, attract potential future members, and educate the broader public about the industry’s significance.

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As CFAA embarked on its 50th-anniversary journey, the creation of this documentary-style video proved to be a heartwarming and educational tribute to the association and the industry it represented. It served as a testament to the past, present, and future of the fire alarm industry in Canada, highlighting the vast array of opportunities it offered to those who ventured into its ranks. The production was a resounding success, and it celebrated 50 years of excellence in fire safety.