Web services

Custom Software Development

The Aspen Web Services team has several members who have created custom software, in order to meet the needs of a few different groups of people. Awardify is an awards-management software, with dozens of clients actively using the platform at the beginning of 2023. 

AP Virtual is a custom webcast platform, used for large, complex, online events. This includes features like high-quality live streaming, facilitation of a live chat, bi-lingual and translation capabilities including ASL, and many more.

Web Services

We offer website and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services. Our team will analyze your current website, and look for areas to improve in content and optimization. This could include organizing content updates to keep your website fresh, fixing bugs and other issues that may keep your website from showing up in search results, and focusing in on keywords that your target demographic is searching for. The combination of these things will help your website rank better on Google and other search engines over time. We also offer new website builds, web content creation and ongoing website maintenance and updating.

Online Marketing

A key way to get your website showing up more online is through online ads. There are many platforms that allow for ads, such as Google, Facebook and Instagram or any other social media channel. These ads will allow you to target your desired audience, and ensure that your company or product are being shown to people who could become customers. Aspen Web Services is a department of Aspen Films, for our clients, this means that not only can our team set up ads and content updates for your company, but we can create professional content in-house.

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