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Event videos are an excellent way to showcase the highlights of a particular event, whether it be a conference, gala, or award show. These videos can help to capture the atmosphere of the event, providing viewers with a taste of what it was like to be there in person. They can also be a valuable marketing tool, helping to promote future events and increase attendance.

When creating a video for a website, it’s essential to think carefully about the intended audience. Are you targeting potential attendees or those who missed the event? What key messages do you want to convey, and how can you use visuals and audio to tell a compelling story? Aspen will use these questions to create a video that resonates with your target audience and encourages them to take action.

A well-produced event video can also help generate buzz and increase attendance for future events. Aspen will produce a video for you to share on social media platforms, include it in email marketing campaigns, and embed it on your event website to help reach a wider audience and create a lasting impact. Event videos are an excellent investment for businesses and individuals looking to promote their events and create a lasting impression. Check out this blog post, telling the story of PEMAC’s 2023 Conference.

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event Video Samples

JDC West

The JDC West competition was a high energy event packed full of creating new connections and sharpening skills that students have been learning in their post-secondary studies. With over 1,300 participants from Western Canada, the atmosphere over the weekend was energetic and competitive in all the best ways! 

Alberta Accelerator by 500

The inaugural Calgary batch was batch 2 of the Alberta Accelerator by 500. This program is dedicated to building up and working alongside entrepreneurs and to enable them to be successful in their respective fields.  

Event Video Reviews

Working with Ben and Ramy from Aspen Film was lovely! Ben was great pre-event at communicating with me and directly with third party vendors regarding the use of drones for our event. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to use drones, but I appreciated how hard Ben tried to make it happen.

The day of the event Ben and Ramy showed up on time and introduced themselves immediately to me and the rest of the team. It’s a small gesture, but went a long way in making our team feel comfortable around the cameras.

After the event, Ramy was able to turn around some great photos that same evening which was incredibly impressive. The video footage that Ben captured was turned around quickly and represented our event very well!

Katie Knopp
Calgary, Alberta

“It was great working with the team at Aspen Films. They accommodated me on very short notice and provided an amazing video for our annual conference.
I highly recommend working with this great and collaborative team.”

PEMAC Asset Management Association of Canada
Toronto, Ontario

“Working with Aspen Films (Saskatoon) has been a great experience with Caleb and Micah being on top of every detail and delivering stunning photos and videos from our three-day Saskatchewan outdoor farm show in July this year. This busy show has a lot of unique requests for event capture, and during the time leading up to the show in planning, Aspen staff were thoughtful, creative and always easy to work with. During the show, the get-it-done attitude of the Aspen team made them a joy to work with. The video and photos that came out of this collaboration was just what we needed and we will use these resources in so many ways. We would definitely recommend them!”

Ag in Motion
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

working with us.