aerial filming

Aerial filming is a cutting-edge technique that allows for breathtaking visuals that can capture the world from a whole new perspective. With the use of drones, helicopters, or other airborne platforms, aerial filming provides a unique and awe-inspiring way to capture stunning shots from the sky. Whether it’s for a corporate, promo, or educational video, aerial filming offers limitless possibilities for storytelling and visual expression. From sweeping landscapes and majestic cityscapes to thrilling action sequences and dynamic sports footage, aerial filming can add a whole new dimension to any production. Our team of experienced aerial cinematographers utilizes state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to deliver unparalleled aerial footage that is sure to captivate audiences and elevate your project to new heights.

Take a look through the video examples we have below that are full of aerial shots or head to our YouTube channel to see more of our completed projects.


aerial filming Video Samples

Lakeland Networks

The window for fall colours doesn’t last long, and we took advantage of the bright reds and oranges to produce stunning aerial shots for this promotional video for Lakeland Networks. Interspersed throughout the interviews and other b-roll video, the views from above add a dynamic aspect to the video. 

Nutrien UNESCO World Heritage Site

Wanuskewin is on the cusp of becoming the first UNESCO World Heritage Site in Saskatchewan. This beautiful area, as showcased by the sweeping aerial shots, is full of stories and lessons waiting to be shared with those who will listen. This video is a perfect example of how aerial filming can add depth to any video.

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