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May 28 | 2024

Aspen Films Blog

Saskatoon Co-op “That’s Co-op GOLD” Campaign



Aspen Films partnered with Saskatoon Co-op to produce a compelling four-part video series, “That’s Co-op GOLD!”, aimed at promoting the high quality of Saskatoon Co-op’s private label products. The campaign, titled “Co-op GOLD Vs. National Brand Taste Test,” was designed to position Co-op GOLD products as a reliable and delicious alternative to national brand products. This initiative not only showcased the superior taste of Co-op GOLD but also built consumer trust and brand loyalty.

Campaign Vision:

The concept was straightforward yet impactful. We orchestrated blind taste tests featuring four pre-selected customers who sampled Co-op GOLD products alongside their national brand counterparts. The reactions and preferences of these participants were captured to highlight the quality and appeal of the Co-op GOLD products. Each of the four videos in the series focused on a different product category, providing a comprehensive overview of the brand’s excellence.

Execution and Compliance:

To maintain a fair comparison, we ensured that no national brand logos or identifiable marks were displayed in any of the videos. This approach not only adhered to legal standards but also kept the focus squarely on the Co-op GOLD products and the authentic reactions of the taste testers.


Aspen Films delivered four concise and engaging videos, each lasting between 1 to 2 minutes. The videos were produced in both vertical and horizontal formats, ensuring compatibility and optimal viewing across various social media platforms. This strategic approach maximized the campaign’s reach and engagement, appealing to a broad audience base.

Impact and Results:

The “That’s Co-op GOLD!” video series successfully highlighted the superior quality of Saskatoon Co-op’s private label products, resonating well with both current and potential customers. Each video edition—whether it was the jam, root beer, ice cream, or yogurt edition—showcased genuine customer preferences and positive feedback, which reinforced the credibility of Co-op GOLD products. By strategically focusing on blind taste tests, the campaign effectively demonstrated that Saskatoon Co-op’s private label could stand toe-to-toe with national brands, often surpassing them in taste and quality. 

Aspen Films’ work with Saskatoon Co-op on the “That’s Co-op GOLD!” campaign exemplifies how targeted, well-executed video content can drive consumer perception and elevate a brand’s market position. Through meticulous planning, creative execution, and strategic distribution, the project successfully highlighted the value of Co-op GOLD products, reinforcing Saskatoon Co-op’s reputation as a provider of high-quality, reliable alternatives to national brands.