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June 7 | 2024

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FEAD Women Entrepreneurs Showcase

Aspen Films recently embarked on an inspiring collaboration with FEAD to produce the “FEAD Women Entrepreneurs Showcase,” a series of 10 engaging videos celebrating the achievements of women entrepreneurs in the food industry. This project is a testament to the power of storytelling, aimed at highlighting the unique journeys, challenges, and triumphs of these remarkable women. The videos feature a blend of interviews and B-roll footage, offering viewers an in-depth look into the vibrant world of food entrepreneurship.

Project Timeline

The project kicked off with an introductory Zoom meeting on September 5th, where the Account Manager and the Project Manager from Aspen Films met with all participating entrepreneurs. This initial meeting served as a platform to introduce the team, outline project details, and address any preliminary questions.

Following the group meeting, Aspen Films scheduled individual Zoom meetings with each entrepreneur. These one-on-one sessions were crucial for tailoring the shooting schedule, discussing B-roll requirements, and finalizing interview scripts and questions. These interactions ensured that each entrepreneur’s story would be authentically and effectively conveyed.

The shooting and editing phase spanned various fall dates, meticulously planned to capture the essence of each entrepreneur’s journey. Aspen Films committed to delivering the final videos one week before Halloween, ensuring ample time for promotion and viewing.

Video Production Details

Aspen Films was tasked with producing 10 videos, each crafted to highlight a different woman entrepreneur’s story. The production process was comprehensive, involving:

  • Interviews: Capturing personal and professional narratives through in-depth interviews.
  • B-roll Footage: Filming contextual and supplementary footage to visually enrich each story.
  • Graphics: Incorporating intro graphics featuring each entrepreneur’s logo to establish and enhance brand identity.
  • Music: Selecting music that aligns with the tone and style of each video, inspired by a reference video to ensure a cohesive and emotionally engaging experience.

Creative Direction

The creative direction for the FEAD Women Entrepreneurs Showcase was rooted in authenticity and emotional resonance. Aspen Films aimed to reflect the individuality of each entrepreneur while maintaining a cohesive aesthetic across the series. Music played a pivotal role, with selections tailored to complement each story’s tone and style, enhancing the overall viewer experience.

Delivery and Impact

Aspen Films is proud to deliver the completed videos ahead of the Halloween deadline. These videos are not only ready for promotion but also poised to inspire and resonate with a wide audience. By spotlighting the stories of women entrepreneurs in the food industry, Aspen Films and FEAD aim to foster greater appreciation and support for their contributions, encouraging aspiring entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams.

In summary, the FEAD Women Entrepreneurs Showcase stands as a shining example of Aspen Films’ commitment to producing impactful and engaging content. Through meticulous planning, creative direction, and a deep appreciation for storytelling, Aspen Films successfully brought to life the remarkable journeys of these women entrepreneurs, celebrating their achievements and inspiring future generations.