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June 13 | 2024

Aspen Films Blog

Quesnel: A Premier Destination for Events – A Case Study on the Minerals North Event Videography Project

Nestled in the heart of British Columbia’s central interior, Quesnel is a city brimming with potential for businesses and event organizers alike. Its strategic location and robust transportation infrastructure make it an appealing choice for companies seeking expansion. With a rich history rooted in forestry and mining, Quesnel boasts a stable economic foundation, complemented by its proximity to natural resources and recreational opportunities. This vibrant community, supported by a proactive local government and a skilled workforce, offers an exceptional quality of life, making it an attractive place for employees to live and work.

Project Purpose

The Minerals North Event Videography project aims to showcase Quesnel as a premier destination for events. By capturing the city’s essence and the opportunities it presents, this project seeks to elevate Quesnel’s profile among event planners and organizations. The video series will highlight the unique aspects of Quesnel, illustrating why it stands out as a top-tier host city capable of accommodating a wide range of events. These videos will be pivotal in bid packages and communications with event planning organizations, helping to position Quesnel as a go-to destination for events.

Initial Creative Overview

The primary goal is to craft a series of compelling videos that portray Quesnel as an ideal event-hosting community. These videos will emphasize the city’s vibrant atmosphere, rich history, and the array of venues available to cater to various event needs. By aligning with the City’s Economic Development Transition Strategy, the project aims to bolster Quesnel’s reputation as a prime location for event hosting.

Target Audience:
The videos are designed for a diverse audience including conference organizers, general event planners, and those responsible for creating bid packages. These stakeholders are crucial in decision-making processes related to event locations.

Key Message:
Quesnel is a lively and welcoming city with a deep historical background and numerous venues suited for all types of events. With the robust backing of the City’s economic strategies, Quesnel is being positioned as a leading destination for event hosting.

Tone & Style:
The video series will adopt an upbeat and energetic tone to reflect the city’s dynamic spirit. Visually stunning, the videos will feature dynamic camera angles and captivating visuals that bring Quesnel’s story to life. The storytelling approach will be engaging, designed to draw viewers into the vibrant experiences that Quesnel offers.

Content will include a mix of engaging b-roll footage showcasing the city’s landscapes and venues, alongside testimonials from key stakeholders such as local business leaders, event attendees, and organizers. These elements will work together to paint a comprehensive picture of Quesnel’s capabilities and attractions.

The videos will be optimized for web use and will also be included in bid documents and shared with event planners. This multi-platform distribution strategy ensures that the videos reach a wide audience, maximizing their impact.

The Minerals North Event Videography project is set to transform perceptions of Quesnel, highlighting it as a top choice for event hosting. Through visually stunning and engaging video content, the project will showcase the city’s strengths, fostering greater interest and investment in Quesnel as a thriving event destination. With a supportive community and abundant resources, Quesnel is poised to become a beacon for events in British Columbia and beyond.