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December 9 | 2021

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No Project is Too Big or Too Small 

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Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff 

By Tianna Griffiths, Aspen Films 

A single video project, say a social media video or television commercial, contains many different aspects, each of which must work together perfectly to create a finished product that is unified in visual, audio, and messaging. Each of these components contains its own complexities and challenges often requiring specific training, or at the very least, years of practice. While videography is a talent that can be taught, not everyone has the time to learn about gear and lighting and audio. On the other hand, not everyone has the budget or time to hire a large video team to create a multi-faceted video project. However, it has been proven time and time again that video is one of the most useful tools for entertainment, communication, and expansion. Aspen Films has a solution.

Any aspect of a video project can be tackled by a single one of our professional videographers, including lighting, filming, editing, audio and more! What this means for those who work with us is that we are there for you, no matter what aspect of creating a video you need help with! Perhaps you have existing footage that needs to be brought together in one coherent and concise video. Or perhaps you need a short video filmed, to supplement a larger project. We are the company you will love working with in any scenario.

But don’t let me just tell you about it, let me take you through a project that will illustrate what I mean. In September of 2021, we began a project with the World Federation of Hemophilia (WFH), an organization that, as the name suggests, operates worldwide. The Canadian Hemophilia Society (CHS) is hosting the WFH 2022 World Congress, which will be held in Montreal, Quebec. An event of this size will have many moving parts, but by breaking this project down into separate parts, each person’s role becomes a lot lighter. For example, Aspen Films was hired to shoot an interview video with Wendy Quinn, the President of the CHS, who is located in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. The footage of this interview was sent to an editing team elsewhere, and from there will be used to promote the Congress in the coming months. In the big picture, the role Aspen played may seem minute, however every piece is important to complete the puzzle.

Now, we understand that not every project is as large as an event put on by a global organization. That being said, tackling a project as an individual, or even a small business, can be a daunting endeavour. So why Aspen? We hope that if you take a look through our portfolio you will soon have the answer. The experience we have working with dozens of different people, in dozens of different industries, makes us the perfect fit for a project of any size! If you are looking for something painless and cost-effective, our ‘filming-only’ rates are very competitive. Trust that Aspen Films will have your budget and interests in mind!

No matter the complexity or simplicity of your next video project, Aspen is the team to work with. We are available for hire across Canada: wherever you have a need, we have a solution. We are looking forward to hearing from you, call us toll-free at 1(833) 857-0166 or email for a quote or more information.

Not every video project needs to be an enormous one, let Aspen Films simplify the process for you!