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November 22 | 2021

Aspen Films Blog

Compelling Story-Telling Video for Prestigious Award Application

City of Saskatoon – TAC Award Video

By Michael Ruten, Aspen Films

The Transportation Association of Canada (TAC) holds an annual awards event recognizing national leaders in transportation safety. In 2021 the City of Saskatoon was a finalist for the
“Road Safety Achievement Award” for their work with bringing in a new vehicle specifically designed for laying and gathering pylons during road construction. As a part of their submission, a b-roll and interview-style video was needed to be produced in a very short period of time. A plan was quickly developed and the video was shot and edited in about 2 weeks. Along with interview and b-roll, the project included aerial filming and some photography and graphic work.

The video tells the story of the innovative idea of using a special-built vehicle for workers to safely and efficiently place or gather road pylons. Video is a powerful tool for telling a story like this as the subject matter is so visual in nature. An article could be written on the subject, and it could even include photos, but the viewer would still likely not fully understand the benefits that this innovative idea brings to a road construction crew in the way that they can through video.

Video allows the viewer to have a deep understanding of the subject matter, and with the right music, style, and cinematography, can bring the viewer into the story itself. When trying to convey an important message, there is no better way to tell a story in a short period of time, than through video.

Videos can play an important role in award programs. In this case, as a submission piece for a prestigious national award, but more commonly, as a way for organizations to recognize their award recipients. Videos like this often can accomplish several goals simultaneously. For example, in this award finalist video by the City of Saskatoon, the primary purpose was for the award program itself, but it is also an asset for the City to communicate to its citizens the work it is doing to keep its employees safe and how their tax dollars are being spent. 

The aerial filming in this video gives great perspective on the subject matter and is an important aspect to consider when putting together any video. Each type of filming has its own strength. The interview gives a human face and voice to the story. The conventional filming gives the opportunity for close-ups and focussed subjects, while the aerial filming gives a broader view. These are just 3 types of filming that can be used and are utilized in this video. There are many more ways video can be captured, edited, and used to tell a compelling story or communicate an important message.

Aerial filming is one tool available to put a specific subject matter into a broader context.