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April 5 | 2023

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How Member-Based Organizations Can Utilize Video Production to Generate Non-Dues Revenue 

In today’s world, many member-based organizations struggle to maintain the financial stability needed to provide valuable services and benefits to their members. While member dues are an essential source of revenue, many organizations are turning to non-dues revenue sources to supplement their income. One of the most effective ways for member-based organizations to generate non-dues revenue is through video production. Here are four ways your organization can use these tools to generate revenue:

  1. Create and Sell Educational Videos: One of the most significant benefits of video production is its ability to provide high-quality educational content to members. Many organizations have found success by creating and selling educational videos on topics relevant to their members. For example, a trade organization could create a series of instructional videos on the latest industry developments. By offering these videos for sale to members and non-members alike, the organization can generate significant non-dues revenue.
  2. Live Streaming Events: With many events moving online, live streaming has become an essential tool for organizations to engage their members. By using video production services, organizations can live stream events like conferences, webinars, and workshops. By charging a fee to access these events, organizations can generate significant non-dues revenue.
  3. Sponsorship Opportunities: Video production can also be a valuable tool for generating sponsorship revenue. Organizations can offer sponsorship opportunities to companies that want to support their mission and connect with their members. By creating high-quality video content that showcases the sponsor’s products or services, organizations can offer a compelling marketing opportunity that can generate significant revenue.
  4. Ad Revenue: Another way that organizations can use video production to generate non-dues revenue is through advertising. By creating videos that attract a large audience, organizations can sell advertising space to companies that want to reach their members. This can be a particularly effective revenue stream for organizations with large online audiences.

video production for associations
video production for associations

In conclusion, member-based organizations can generate significant non-dues revenue through video production services. Whether it’s creating educational videos, live streaming events, offering sponsorship opportunities or selling advertising space, video production can help organizations supplement their income while providing valuable services to their members. By embracing these opportunities, organizations can ensure they have the financial stability needed to thrive and continue serving their members for years to come.