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October 27 | 2021

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Yuk Yuks Comedy Club uses video to communicate a specific message while simultaneously promoting its overall brand

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Promote Brand While Messaging

By Michael Ruten, Aspen Films

The vast majority of people spend hours weekly if not daily watching video content on a variety of mediums. As such, the use of video should be an essential part of an organization’s strategy to promote its products and services as well as communicate specific messages to its audience. Communicating a specific, timely message is typically part of an organization’s overall marketing and promotional strategy. This can be something as simple and predictable as a holiday greeting, but it can also be more creative like promoting a specific cause that the organization believes in and is getting behind in some manner. In other situations, video can be used to bring reassurance to an organization’s audience in the midst of current circumstances. This was the case in the video that Yuk Yuks Comedy Club put out shortly after the initial lockdown over Covid-19 was lifted.

The club was now open for business, but it had been several months since anyone had passed through its doors, or the doors of any comedy club. The virus was still very unknown at the time and vaccines were not yet created, let alone available. The video needed to communicate numerous messages simultaneously while remaining interesting and short.

The Yuk Yuk’s Comedy Club video needed to communicate a message of reassurance to any clientele that may have concerns regarding safety, while still promoting the essence of the club and why people come in the first place, that is, it needed to show that the club is open, it’s a place where people have a good time, enjoy good drinks and have a good laugh. This all needed to be done to draw clientele back to the club, while also reassuring them that it could be enjoyed in a safe manner.

For example, one shot in the video shows the club manager posing with the disinfectant sprayer as if it’s a gun, and he’s a tough guy. The sprayer of course serves a very real purpose in regards to health and safety, but presenting it in this manner also communicates that a comedy club is a place people come to have a good time.

The video has high energy music and a fast paced editing style; showing lots of people (specifically up close on their faces) having a good time with each other and laughing at the comedian. This style of video communicates energy and entertainment; specific things that draw people to a comedy club.

The video showcases the drinks on numerous occasions as this is a big draw for people to come out and is also a key revenue generator for the club.

The messaging of reassurance, specifically health & safety measures surrounding Covid-19 are spread throughout the video, done in such a way to make the messaging clear, but not dwell too much on it, as the overall goal is get the audience excited about coming back to the club to have a drink and a laugh.

In conclusion, whatever the specific message you’re hoping to communicate to your clientele, it should be presented in a way that furthers your overall branding and marketing strategy. Video is one of the most powerful tools available to any organization to accomplish such a goal.

The rule of thumb in video production is almost always to keep it short. Attention spans online tend to be very short indeed. Your video should grab attention in the opening seconds and present your key messaging within the first few seconds if possible.