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December 10 | 2020

Aspen Films Blog

Video is one of the most effective mediums for making an emotional connection with your intended audience. All businesses have an intended audience, and a desire to make a meaningful connection with them.

A business promo/story videos can be used in a variety of ways:

A great option to be efficient when putting together video content for social media is to repurpose the same content into a variety of versions (different lengths, different focus, etc.) The “expiry date” of social media content is very short, so having a variety of content is critical to keep your business promotions in your potential clients’ feeds.

Another efficient way to use video for promoting your business would be to create a series of photo-montage style videos. These are much cheaper to produce but are still eye-catching and can effectively communicate your message. Our awards page provides an example of a photo-montage style video.

You can see several examples of our business promo videos here.