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October 17 | 2023

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Case Study: How Aspen Created a Vibrant Video for Rocky View County


Aspen Flims recently took on an exciting project, partnering with Rocky View County, to create a custom animated communication video. This case study delves into the project’s intricacies, highlighting the process and timeline that culminated in the delivery of a dynamic and engaging 30-second animated explainer video.

The task at hand was clear: Aspen would be responsible for filming and producing a unique animated video for Rocky View County. This project would not only showcase Aspen’s creativity but also involve client collaboration, especially concerning the instructive content. The primary focus of the video was to engage the public and communicate a policy announcement regarding Springbank.

Pre-production was essential in laying the groundwork for this project’s success. Aspen conducted 1-2 comprehensive meetings with the client to review project details and finalize the timeline. These discussions allowed for a clear understanding of the client’s objectives and provided the foundation for a collaborative and productive working relationship.

The process began with the client providing a summarization of the script. The animation direction and storyboard were crafted, taking into account the client’s technical input and vision. Once the script and animation elements were agreed upon, Aspen swung into action, creating a first draft for client approval.

The end result was a captivating 30-second animated explainer video accompanied by a professional voiceover. This video was designed to engage and inform the public about the significant policy announcement regarding Springbank.

The strategic distribution of the video was planned to maximize its reach and impact. It was intended to be featured on the client’s website and across various social media platforms. This approach aimed to ensure that the policy announcement received the attention it deserved and engaged a wide audience.

From the initial concept discussion to the various stages of revisions and final delivery, Aspen Films remained dedicated to realizing the client’s vision. The entire process was efficiently executed within a timeline of approximately 2-3 weeks, emphasizing Aspen’s commitment to delivering results promptly.

animated explainer video
animated explainer video
animated explainer video
animated explainer video
animated explainer video

Aspen Films rose to the challenge of creating an animated communication video for Rocky View County, delivering a project that was both informative and engaging. Through close collaboration with the client, meticulous planning, and a commitment to quality, Aspen produced a dynamic 30-second animated explainer video that effectively communicated the policy announcement regarding Springbank. This project serves as a testament to Aspen’s ability to bring concepts to life through creative visuals, making them a reliable partner for innovative and impactful communication projects.