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January 16 | 2024

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The Story of the 2023 Start Alberta/A100 Tech Awards Gala

In the fast-paced world of technology and innovation, recognizing excellence is a crucial aspect of fostering growth and inspiring future achievements. The 2023 Start Alberta/A100 Tech Awards Gala sought to elevate their event by partnering with Aspen to film and produce 12 award recipient videos. This case study delves into Aspen’s seamless execution and the impact it had on the prestigious event.

Aspen was entrusted with the task of creating 12 captivating award recipient videos for the Start Alberta/A100 Tech Awards Gala. These videos aimed to showcase the accomplishments and innovations of the deserving winners, providing a platform for their stories to be heard and celebrated. The optional services offered by Aspen, including event highlight videos and sponsor highlight videos, added an extra layer of engagement and excitement to the gala.

One standout offering from Aspen was the complimentary Sponsor Loop video. This thoughtful addition not only demonstrated Aspen’s commitment to delivering value but also contributed to the overall success of the event. The Sponsor Loop video seamlessly integrated sponsors into the gala experience, creating a dynamic and engaging atmosphere.

Aspen’s video crew played a pivotal role in bringing the award recipient stories to life. Their professionalism and expertise were evident as they filmed at client-provided locations in both Edmonton and Calgary. The choice of Platform in Calgary as the filming location last year exemplified Aspen’s strategic thinking and dedication to showcasing the unique spirit of each city.

The impact of Aspen’s work was felt throughout the 2023 Start Alberta/A100 Tech Awards Gala. The award recipient videos, event highlight videos, and sponsor highlight videos collectively contributed to an immersive and memorable experience for attendees. The Sponsor Loop video, in particular, garnered positive feedback for seamlessly integrating sponsors into the event without disrupting the flow.

Aspen received high praise for their creativity, professionalism, and ability to capture the essence of each award recipient. The success of the project has solidified Aspen’s position as a go-to partner for future events, showcasing their expertise in delivering high-quality video production services.

Aspen’s collaboration with the 2023 Start Alberta/A100 Tech Awards Gala serves as a testament to the power of strategic video production in elevating events. By seamlessly integrating award recipient stories, optional services, and complimentary offerings, Aspen not only met but exceeded the expectations of their client. The success of this project reaffirms Aspen’s commitment to excellence and positions them as a key player in the realm of event video production.

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