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January 30 | 2024

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Snapshots from the Rink: Daniels Hockey Camp Behind the Scenes

Last summer, we teamed up with the Daniels crew in Warman, SK, to capture the real deal moments at their hockey camp from August 8-10. Our mission? To grab pictures and videos that tell the story of the action on the ice, and the classroom and mentoring sessions with the Daniels team. From determined kids working on their skills to coaches cheering them on, we wanted to freeze these moments in time, all while helping the Daniels family grow their camps and tournaments in Saskatoon.

Hockey Families and Beyond

We knew our main audience was families with kids aged 9-18 who are into hockey. But we wanted to throw a wide net. So we aimed our lens at the youth crowd and even the general public in Saskatchewan and nearby provinces. 

Camp Chronicles: The Down-to-Earth Lineup

Our hit list for content covered everything – the camp kickoff with Scott & Sydney’s pep talks, coaches doing their thing. Through photography, we aim to capture the determination, teamwork, and joy on the players’ faces, while videography will showcase the fluidity of their movements and the intensity of training sessions.

Easy Collaboration

Working with the Daniels crew felt like joining the team. We hung out with Scott, Sydney, and the youth, making sure our shots reflected what the Daniels Hockey Camp is all about. It wasn’t just about taking pictures; it was about creating content that connects with our audience.

Wrap-Up: Freezing the Fun in Time

As we wrapped things up, we put together a portfolio of photography and videography that aren’t just cool shots but also emphasize the Daniels Hockey Camp spirit. These visuals aren’t just frozen frames; they’re a sneak peek into the real action at the camp. And they’re not just for show – they’re a boost for the Daniels family to spread the word and keep the hockey legacy alive in Saskatoon. Lace up those skates – we’ve got some stories to tell!

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