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May 31 | 2023

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Ideal Corporate Video Production Locations in Moncton, New Brunswick 

When it comes to corporate filming, the right location can drastically transform the impact and reception of your video content. The Moncton, New Brunswick area, provides an array of picturesque and versatile settings suitable for corporate filming. We have picked out five stand-out locations that can serve as the perfect backdrop for interviews, B-roll, and more.

  1. Centennial Park: With a variety of settings, Centennial Park is a haven for outdoor shoots. This 230-acre park, featuring woodlands, lake, and manicured lawns, can provide a natural, serene setting for interviews or B-roll shots. However, it is crucial to obtain filming permissions from the City of Moncton before commencing any corporate filming activity.
  2. Downtown Moncton: If you’re seeking an urban environment with modern architecture, Downtown Moncton is an excellent choice. Its bustling streets, historic buildings, and the spectacular Riverfront Park offer ample opportunities for dynamic B-roll and street interviews. (1)
  3. Magnetic Hill Zoo: Want to add a unique and engaging element to your video? Consider the Magnetic Hill Zoo, home to over 400 animals. It serves as a lively backdrop for creative video content. Filming at the zoo requires permission and adherence to specific guidelines; be sure to obtain the necessary permissions before filming. 
  4. The Moncton Museum: The Moncton Museum, with its blend of historic charm and cultural richness, can offer an elegant and educational backdrop for corporate interviews or location-specific B-roll.
  5. Parlee Beach Provincial Park: For those looking to capture the scenic beauty of the Atlantic coastline, Parlee Beach Provincial Park is ideal. With its sandy beaches and ocean vistas, it creates a tranquil and refreshing atmosphere.

Regardless of the location, it’s crucial to remember that every location requires the right permissions for commercial filming. Reach out to the relevant authorities well in advance to ensure a seamless filming process.

Moreover, when filming interviews, consider the surroundings’ acoustic properties to ensure optimal sound quality. For B-roll, capturing a mix of wide, medium, and close-up shots will lend versatility and visual interest to your corporate video.

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Centennial Park

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Downtown Moncton

video production moncton

Parlee Beach Provincial Park

In conclusion, the Moncton area presents a diverse palette of locations that can enrich your corporate filming experience. With the right planning, permissions, and filming techniques, your corporate video can effectively convey your message while captivating the audience with the beauty of Moncton.

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James Mann, Autumn Centennial Park, CC BY 2.0, 2015, flickr

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Aconcagua, Moncton New Brunswick 1, CC BY-SA 3.0, 2005, Wikimedia Commons