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February 24 | 2023

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How Associations, Societies and Other Member-Based Organizations Can Benefit From Utilizing Video Production 

Associations, Societies and other Member-Based organizations can benefit greatly from the use of video production as part of their communication and marketing strategies. Videos are engaging, informative, and easily shareable, making them a powerful tool for associations to connect with their members, potential members, and other stakeholders. Here are 5 ways these types of organizations can use video production to their advantage:

  1. Member Engagement and Retention: Videos are an excellent way to keep members engaged and informed about the organization’s activities, events, and news. Associations can create regular video updates to keep members informed of new developments, upcoming events, and other important information. They can also use videos to showcase member success stories, highlight member achievements, and recognize member contributions to the association.
  2. Education and Training: Associations can use videos as a medium for delivering education and training content to their members. For example, an association could create a series of videos covering a particular topic or skill that is relevant to its members. These videos could be made available on the association’s website or in a members-only section to monetize the content and create non-dues revenue.
  3. Event Promotion: Videos are a great way to promote events, such as conferences, workshops, tradeshows and webinars. Associations can create videos that highlight the event’s keynote speakers, sessions, and activities, giving potential attendees a glimpse of what they can expect. Videos can also be used to generate excitement and anticipation for upcoming events, increasing attendance and engagement. A good practice is to film an event that happens annually and use the highlight reel of last year’s event to promote this year’s equivalent event.
  4. Advocacy and Awareness: Associations can use videos to advocate for their causes and raise awareness about issues that are important to their members. For example, an association representing a particular industry or profession could create a video that highlights the contributions of its members to society and the economy. Associations can also use videos to raise awareness about policy issues that affect their members and advocate for change.
  5. Branding and Marketing: Finally, associations and societies can use videos as part of their branding and marketing efforts. Videos can be used to showcase the organization’s mission, values, and impact. They can also be used to promote membership and attract new members. Associations can create promotional videos that highlight the benefits of membership, showcase member success stories, and demonstrate the value of the association to its members.

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In conclusion, video production can be a powerful tool for associations to engage with their members, deliver education and training content, create non-dues revenue streams, promote events, advocate for their causes, and enhance their branding and marketing efforts. By incorporating video production into their communication, events, professional development and marketing strategies, associations can strengthen their relationships with members and other stakeholders, and increase their impact and visibility in their respective industries and communities.