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December 5 | 2023

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Leveraging the Power of Video Testimonials

Lakeland Networks, a local internet service provider, recently partnered with Aspen Films to embark on a unique marketing journey—a customer testimonial style sales video. This case study explores how the collaboration between Lakeland Networks and Aspen Films resulted in a compelling video that not only highlighted the organization’s values but also resonated with the local audience.

Lakeland Networks enlisted Aspen Films to create a sales video that would go beyond the conventional promotional content. The vision was clear: capture the essence of the local community, emphasize the benefits of “shopping local,” and showcase the outstanding customer service that sets Lakeland apart from competitors. The project incorporated a mix of interviews, b-roll footage, and aerial filming to create a visually engaging narrative.

The Aspen Films team worked closely with Lakeland Networks to coordinate interviews with a diverse group of customers. The goal was to extract genuine and impactful soundbites focusing on the virtues of choosing Lakeland Networks. Care was taken to ensure the anonymity of participants to protect the organization’s integrity. The final video aimed to be two minutes in length, maintaining accessibility standards for wider reach.

The filming process spanned two carefully planned days, covering various locations served by Lakeland Networks. Interviews were conducted to bring out heartfelt testimonials about the positive experiences of choosing Lakeland. B-roll footage showcased not only the people but also the picturesque areas serviced by the organization, adding a visual appeal to the narrative.

Aspen Films edited the content, emphasizing strong soundbites that resonated with the local community. The salesy tone of the video was carefully crafted to inspire viewers to “choose local.” A clear call to action was embedded in the narrative, urging the audience to consider the benefits of supporting a community-based internet service provider.

The final video produced by Aspen Films exceeded expectations. By leveraging the power of authentic customer testimonials, Lakeland Networks was able to connect with its audience on a personal level. The video showcased the organization’s commitment to excellent customer service, community values, and the unique offerings that set Lakeland apart.

In an era where consumers seek authenticity and genuine connections with brands, Lakeland Networks successfully utilized the medium of video testimonials to create a compelling narrative. The collaboration with Aspen Films not only resulted in a visually captivating sales video but also strengthened Lakeland’s bond with the local community. This case study serves as a testament to the impactful combination of creative storytelling, strategic planning, and the genuine voices of satisfied customers in shaping a brand’s success.