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April 2 | 2024

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Glenpark Pet Hotel and Suites Promotional Video


Glenpark Pet Hotel and Suites, a premier pet accommodation facility, enlisted the expertise of Aspen to create a captivating promotional video. With a mission to provide top-tier care for pets, Glenpark aimed to leverage video marketing to showcase their unique offerings and facilities to attract a wider clientele, as well as showcase the property for potential buyers.

Client Objectives: Glenpark Pet Hotel and Suites sought to achieve several key objectives through the promotional video:

  • Highlight the amenities and services offered at the facility to create a compelling sales pitch.
  • Convey the warmth, professionalism, and dedication of the staff towards pet care.
  • Increase brand visibility and attract potential customers by offering a virtual tour of the property’s key features.

Approach: Aspen approached the project with a focus on collaboration and attention to detail to ensure the video accurately reflected Glenpark’s identity and met their objectives. The process began with extensive consultations to understand the client’s vision, target audience, and desired outcomes.

Key Steps:

Conceptualization: Collaborative brainstorming sessions between Aspen and Glenpark Pet Hotel and Suites laid the groundwork for the video’s storyline. Emphasis was placed on creating a narrative that effectively showcased the facility’s features while capturing the essence of its warm and pet-friendly environment.

Production: With the concept in place, Aspen meticulously planned and executed two half-days of professional filming at Glenpark Pet Hotel and Suites. The filming process included capturing  captivating b-roll and drone footage to provide viewers with an immersive experience.

Outcome: The promotional video created by Aspen successfully achieved Glenpark Pet Hotel and Suites’ objectives. By offering a virtual tour of the facilities and emphasizing the property’s key features, the video significantly enhanced Glenpark’s online presence and attracted pet lovers who may hope to own a property like this. 

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The Glenpark Pet Hotel and Suites promotional video stands as a testament to Aspen’s expertise in video production and their commitment to realizing their clients’ visions. Through collaboration, attention to detail, and creative execution, Aspen was able to deliver a compelling video that effectively showcased Glenpark’s unique offerings and contributed to the growth of their business. Furthermore, the strategic purpose of the video in facilitating the sale of the property underscores its importance as a powerful marketing tool for Glenpark Pet Hotel and Suites. By offering potential buyers a comprehensive virtual tour of the facilities and highlighting its key features, the video serves as a valuable asset in attracting interested parties and driving the property’s sale.