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April 28 | 2023

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Ideal Interview/B-Roll Filming Locations in Regina, Saskatchewan 

Regina, the capital city of Saskatchewan, is a great location to film corporate-style videos and other interview/b-roll type content. With a mix of modern and historic architecture, scenic parks, and cultural landmarks, the city offers diverse settings that can add visual appeal to any video production.

One great location for corporate videos is the University of Regina. The campus features a modern, state-of-the-art facility with cutting-edge technology, making it an ideal setting for technology-related companies. The university’s architectural design is also visually appealing, with a mix of concrete, glass, and brick that creates an interesting backdrop for interviews and b-roll footage. 

Another excellent location to film corporate-style videos is the Regina Floral Conservatory. This indoor botanical garden provides a lush and vibrant setting, perfect for showcasing the natural beauty of Saskatchewan. With various plant species, colourful flowers, and a glass-enclosed conservatory, the venue can add an element of elegance and sophistication to corporate videos.

Lastly, the Wascana Centre is a 2,300-acre urban park that is perfect for filming b-roll footage. The park features a lake, a fountain, walking trails, and gardens, which provide a picturesque background for interviews and other types of corporate videos. The Wascana Centre also hosts numerous events throughout the year, which can add extra excitement and buzz to any video production.

As always, it is important to ensure local policies and rules are adhered to for your video project. Certain locations, especially indoor locations may require special permission or come at a rental cost.

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University of Regina

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Regina Floral Conservatory

In conclusion, Regina is a city that offers a diverse range of settings that can add visual interest and appeal to corporate-style videos and other types of video productions. The University of Regina, the Regina Floral Conservatory, and the Wascana Centre are just a few of the many locations available to filmmakers in the city. With its mix of modern and historic architecture, scenic parks, and cultural landmarks, Regina is a destination worth considering for your next video production.


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