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March 29 | 2023

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Filming Locations for Corporate Video in Toronto, Ontario 

Toronto is a vibrant city with plenty of locations to choose from when filming a corporate video. The city’s diverse neighbourhoods, stunning architecture, and beautiful parks offer an array of options that can help you capture the essence of your brand. In this article, we will explore five locations in Toronto that are perfect for filming a corporate video.

  1. Distillery District: The Distillery District is a historic neighbourhood located in downtown Toronto. It’s a popular spot for filming corporate videos due to its unique architecture and industrial aesthetic. The brick buildings, cobblestone streets, and vintage lamp posts make for a picturesque backdrop that will add depth and character to your video. The Distillery District is also home to a variety of restaurants, cafes, and shops, making it a convenient location for your cast and crew.
  2. University of Toronto: The University of Toronto is a world-renowned institution located in the heart of Toronto. The campus offers a range of settings that can be used for corporate video production. From the grandeur of Convocation Hall to the modernity of the Bahen Centre for Information Technology, the university’s architecture provides an array of options. The campus is also home to many green spaces and gardens that can add a touch of nature to your video.
  3. Harbourfront Centre: Harbourfront Centre is a cultural hub located on the shores of Lake Ontario. It’s a great location for filming corporate videos that require a waterfront view. The Centre offers a variety of venues that can be used for filming, including theatres, galleries, and outdoor spaces. The area also features a marina, boardwalk, and public spaces that offer stunning views of the lake and city skyline.
  4. Royal Ontario Museum: The Royal Ontario Museum is one of the largest museums in North America and is home to over six million artifacts. The museum’s unique architecture and world-class collections make it a popular location for filming corporate videos. The museum offers a range of spaces that can be used for filming, including galleries, atriums, and the iconic Michael Lee-Chin Crystal. The museum’s exhibitions provide a rich and diverse backdrop that can add depth to your video. As with all museums and other such locations, please be sure to get the appropriate permissions required for filming in such locations.
  5. High Park: High Park is Toronto’s largest public park, spanning over 400 acres. The park offers a range of natural settings that can be used for filming corporate videos, including forests, gardens, and ponds. The park also features many recreational facilities, including sports fields, hiking trails, and a zoo. The park’s natural beauty provides a serene and peaceful backdrop that can add a touch of tranquility to your video.

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Distillery District

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University of Toronto

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Harbourfront Centre

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Royal Ontario Museum

In conclusion, Toronto is a city with a wealth of locations that can be used for filming corporate videos. From the historic Distillery District to the natural beauty of High Park, the city offers an array of settings that can help you capture the essence of your brand. Choosing the right location can help you create a video that is not only visually stunning but also connects with your audience on a deeper level.

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