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September 26 | 2023

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Saskatoon Co-op’s “Build Your Summer Escape” Campaign


Saskatoon Co-op Home Centre, a trusted name in home improvement, embarked on a mission to transform backyards into ultimate summer oases. Their “Build Your Summer Escape” campaign sought to spotlight the vast range of outdoor products available at Saskatoon Co-op’s home centres, from outdoor furniture to grills, paving stones, and decorative accents. The campaign’s dual objectives were to boost outdoor product sales during the season and elevate customer awareness of Saskatoon Co-op’s home building centres and their offerings. The primary target audience comprised homeowners in Saskatoon and its neighboring areas, with contractors as a potential secondary audience.

Project Scope & Creativity

To bring this vision to life, our project entailed crafting a comprehensive marketing strategy for Saskatoon Co-op’s home building centres, with a specific focus on outdoor products. A pivotal strategy was the collaboration with a prominent influencer, Kelsi Kendel, to produce a series of engaging videos. These videos were designed to shine a spotlight on Saskatoon Co-op’s outdoor products, such as grills, outdoor furniture, paving stones, and decorative accents. The video series included:

  • General Awareness Video: An introduction to the campaign and Saskatoon Co-op’s outdoor offerings.
  • Product-Focused Video: Highlighting various grill options, showcasing their features and benefits.
  • Influencer’s Shopping Experience Video: A visual journey capturing Kelsi Kendel’s visit to one of Saskatoon Co-op’s home centres, showcasing the shopping experience.

These videos were designed to incorporate Saskatoon Co-op and home centre logos, the signature Co-op red, and other branding elements to maintain brand consistency and recognition.

Process & Timeline

Our commitment to bringing the client’s vision to life was evident from the project’s inception. From the initial concept discussion to the final revisions and delivery, we worked collaboratively with Saskatoon Co-op to ensure the project aligned seamlessly with their objectives. The entire process was executed efficiently within a 4-6 week timeframe.

The “Build Your Summer Escape” campaign for Saskatoon Co-op was a resounding success, exemplifying the power of strategic video marketing. By harnessing the influence of a key social media figure, we brought attention to Saskatoon Co-op’s diverse outdoor product offerings.


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promotional video
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This project not only bolstered summer product sales but also strengthened Saskatoon Co-op’s position as a go-to destination for homeowners seeking to create their dream outdoor spaces. The videos, infused with branding elements, resonated with the target audience and fostered a deeper connection between customers and the Co-op brand.

The “Build Your Summer Escape” campaign underscored our commitment to delivering creative and effective video solutions that align with our clients’ visions. If you’re looking to make a similar impact in your industry, reach out to us today. Together, we can transform your ideas into compelling visual stories that captivate your audience and drive results.