Shop the Battlefords

A Shop the Battlefords video project brought to you by the Battlefords Chamber of Commerce.

Now is a great time to shop the Battlefords!

We want to introduce people to the amazing businesses right in the Battlefords.  We are profiling local businesses and organizations with positive and uplifting videos that will create that connection between local businesses and the public and encourage shopping the Battlefords.

Our focus will be on the genuinely amazing people in the Battlefords. By shopping the Battlefords, you get the unique experience of interacting and supporting a community that everyone loves. Our interviews will highlight the business community as a whole – business owners, staff, and all of the wonderful customers.

There are many, many great reasons to shop the Battlefords, and these videos will communicate that.  Shop the Battlefords – what’s not to love?

Sample Video:

Step 1: Book Your Interview

Click the button to book your Shop the Battlefords filming date and time!

Step 2: Prepare for Filming


  • 10 minutes of shooting general shots on location.
  • 10 minutes of shooting outdoors in front of the location (socially distanced without masks).
  • 10 minutes of filming an interview with a key person (business owner or other).  Camera crew will be masked and distanced, and follow all covid safety protocols.


1. Choose the person (1) who will be interviewed.  The interview topic should be centred around the great people that work and shop in the Battlefords.  We would invite you to:

a) introduce yourself and your business

b) discuss the staff and employees at your business
-how many employees work in your workplace
-perhaps a note on longevity in the workplace
-skills levels (not jobs currently open, but a point on the types of careers available)

c) mention the customers you know,
-who your main customers are and from which sector

d) the wonderful people in the business community
-why you do business in the Battlefords and choose to live, work and invest here

e) anything else you feel would be useful in communicating your key messaging.
-what sets your business apart;
-what does the future look like for your business/sector.

2. Decide which staff or customers will be included in the on-location filming let them know the scheduled time.

Step 3: Upload Photos and Videos

We would like you to submit photos and/or videos that show:

       1. Pre-Covid Times (Without Masks)

       2. People and groups such as the business owner, staff, and/or customers.

And upload your logo.

If you have any questions, contact