Prairie Sky Buy Local

It is always best to buy local. Wouldn’t you agree?

We want to promote local businesses located in the Prairie Sky Chamber of Commerce by showcasing their wonderful business owners, employees, and customers who choose to invest themselves in the community.

We take pride in highlighting the efforts of Prairie Sky’s local businesses and the people that surround them to aid in their success.

Three Easy Steps


Step 1: Book Your Interview

Booking dates available soon at your location.


Step 2: Prepare for Filming

TENTATIVE Filming Schedule:

  • 10 minutes of shooting general shots on location.
  • 10 minutes of shooting outdoors in front of the location (socially distancing without masks).
  • 10 minutes of filming an interview with a KEY PERSON.


       1. The person (1) who will be interviewed.

       2. The staff or customers that want to be included.


Step 3: Upload Photos and Videos

We would like you to submit photos and/or videos that show:

       1. Pre-Covid Times (Without Masks)

       2. People and groups such as the business owner, staff, and/or customers.